Engine Parts

Crystal Trading Company brings you an impressive range of engine parts including vital parts like cylinder blocks, Crankshafts, cylinder heads, camshafts, connecting rods, exhaust manifolds, cores and radiators etc.Engine overhauling pars, pistons ring sets, cylinder liners, valves and guides, engine bearings, oil and water pumps, turbo chargers, fuel injection and electrical parts are sourced from world's leading manufacturers.

Transmission Parts

Crystal Trading Company brings you a complete range of transmission parts for Dozers, Wheel Loaders, Motor Graders and Excavators.Our Power Train parts inventory covers final drives, torque convertors, planetary transmissions, transfer gears, bevel gears, and differentials, steering clutches, sun gears, ring gears, spindles and carriers etc.While selecting the products we ensure that each and every part is manufactured to dimensional accuracy, provides excellent performance, endurace and durability in extreme working conditions.


Crystal Trading Company stocks an extensive range of undercarriage parts including track groups, track link assemblies, track shoes, track and carrier rollers, sprockets, segments and idler groups.

Ground Engaging Tools

Crystal Trading Company offers a wide range of ground engaging tools including tooth points, side cutters, blades, fasteners etc. sourced among the best manufacturers in the world.